The concrete "hemp-lime" replaced by the huge stinging nettle (Alo Sisnu)

Internal insulating filler

This implementation is very frequent. Besides being a good heat and phonic insulator, it is also a regulator of humidity. He can be applied to all the walls (stone, perpends, …)

Shuttered walls

The shuttering is a technique of full construction, similar to the installation of cob. This realization is with maturity, today. Many public works come out. It requires the realization of an expanding skeleton (wood, bamboo), which can be flooded in the masonry or is similar.

The Giant Nettle of Himalaya

A plant used to 100%

She grows, naturally, on the whole Himalayan range, between 1500 and 3000m. altitude. All the parts of the plant are used. It offers serious qualities of insulation, while being without danger to health.

It is naturally rot-resistant, which ensures a good durability and its fibers are extremely resistant to the rupture, what returns safer houses. The balance assessment in grey energy is low, because the grinding of these plants is made, mechanically, on the site even the harvest.

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