Tourism impact

In 2014, 6 tourists created 1 employment, in Nepal. A part (30 %) is concentrated on the routes of trekking, in the majority at high altitude. The current accommodations need a big energy in heating, to double in the outside temperatures. The stove, is rarely enough to moderate the dining room, and sleeping-rooms are real cold rooms. Furthermore, the resistance of these constructions, in weather conditions (monsoons, landslides, earthquakes.) is rather unpredictable.

Why not to favor the owners ready to make effort to improve the comfort and the safety of their establishment? It is no means of transforming these holiday cottages into hotels ****, but of having the "basic status" which the tourist would be ready to pay.

This generation " éco-lodges ", while respecting the regional architectural character, would reduce considerably needs to energy of heating. Label which could be recognized by the tourist circles (travel agencies, trekkings) to advance them. In this way, all would have to gain at it.

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